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How can you support us?

We have found many people passionate about getting out as much information as possible to Catholic friends, family, etc.  They earnestly desire to see Catholics come to know truth.  

We buy Google Adwords.  This is how most people are presently viewing our site.  For every $1.00 we spend, we can reach approximately 3 people.  In addition to this site, we have a Facebook page where we post additional information, testimonies, etc.  We will often buy Facebook advertising to promote certain posts.    

As a result, we want to give people an opportunity to support our mission.   If you want more people to be made aware of this site, please click the button above to support our efforts.

Also, we ask that people pray for us and the heats of the people who will visit this site.  

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Share your testimony
Roman Catholic Church

Want to share your Testimony?

Want to share your testimony on our site?  Have a great link to share with us that you believe will help people gain more knowledge in this subject area or grow closer to the Lord..  Please email us your video.  Please note:  Our goal is not to attack, but to inform in a spirit of love.  Please consider this when sending videos.

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