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About Us


Roman is simply a group of people who are passionate about Biblical truth.  Our mission is to share the love of Jesus and the Gospel of Salvation with others around the world seeking to find answers, in particular, answers to questions regarding Roman Catholicism.

Our Founder

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Our founder grew up in a dedicated Roman Catholic Home and spent 12 years in Roman Catholic Elementary school and High school.  At the age of 17 was invited to a non-denominational church where he heard the simple message of salvation for the first time.  He gave his life to the Lord the summer before his senior year in high school.  From this point on he began heavily studying scripture.  As a result of his passion for the Lord, he knew he was called in to ministry, but all he knew was Roman Catholicism.  As a result, he went to Catholic Seminary with the thought of exploring the priesthood.   The more he studied scripture, the more he found scripture contradicted many of his Catholic beliefs and teachings.  As a result, he left Catholic seminary.,  

Throughout college he was involved in Campus Crusade for Christ, but also attended Catholic Church. 

Upon graduating from college he still wanted to explore Roman Catholicism.  He felt he needed to give seminary a second change.  He signed up to become a deacon in the Catholic Church.  During the interview process, he asked the priest in charge of the program how much time time they would be studying the Bible.  To which the priest replied, "We aren't going to be spending any time in the Bible, we will be studying Catechism of the Catholic Church."  Immediately our founder knew something was wrong.   

This began his several year study in scripture and church history.  Our founder was shocked at the truths he learned about the Roman Catholic Church.  Truths that were kept silent to most Catholic believers.  These truths included the blatant merging of pagan traditions mixed with Christianity, the dark side of Christianity which included in Inquisitions, introduction of false doctrines, etc.  Most importantly, was Rome's drift from true Biblical Christianity.  

He immediately was burdened for those who were still in the church and were kept ignorant, either through fear, or through lack of knowledge.  

Through this study God opened up countless opportunities for him to share this information with others.


Our founder had just completed a teaching to a Bible study group on the information contained in this website.  The next morning he felt called to do a Catholic website.  He typed in "Roman Catholicism" and learned the site "" was available.  However, he learned it would cost him almost $5000 to buy the site.  

He went to the Lord in prayer knowing he was called to do this.   He shared this with friends who knew would be passionate about reaching Catholics for Christ.   Less than 24 hours later Godaddy called back and dropped the price to $3880.   Then a day later dropped the price again to $3500.

Although this was a great price for such a demanding website, he felt he wasn't supposed to spend the money.  That somehow God would provide miraculously.  

One Friday night our founder surrendered this to the Lord.  He knew with 100% certainty that this was what he felt called to do.  During his time of prayer God had put a persons name on his heart who would pay for the site.   At first, he felt he should send them an email explaining what he planned to do and ask for the $3500 donation.  He sat down to type an email around 11:30 at night.  As he began to type the Email God told him to stop and just pray.  He closed the computer.  Less than 3 minutes later this person (who knew nothing about the site or the need) emailed and said, "God told me to send you $3500".    

A similar story happened about 10 years before.  God had called him to send a 2 pack CD set to 1000 Catholic families.  It was going to cost $2700 and he needed 1000 Catholic addresses.  Within a week $2700 showed up unexpectedly, and 1000 Catholic addresses were made available to him.

As you can see, God desires to make sure this information is available.   Our intention is not to offend, but to bring to light what is in darkness.  

Please Note:

Most Catholics will find this information offensive.  As a former Catholic, Our founder was shocked, hurt, confused, and honestly spent several years wrestling with this information when he first learned of this.  However, through countless hours of prayer and fasting, the Holy Spirit confirmed scripture was the soul source of doctrinal authority, not a church or a denomination.

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